5 reasons safety razors are better than cartridge razors


Cartridge razors are everywhere and almost everyone uses one. But all factors considered would you be better off switching to safety razors instead? We think so!

Here are 5 reasons why:

1 - Lesser irritation:

Multi-blade cartridge razors are literally engineered to pull and tug at your hair. The bottom couple (or more) blades are relatively blunt and tug / pull your hair out and the sharper upper blades perform the actual cutting of the hair. Consequently the hair is often cut below the surface of the skin. Now you know why cartridge razors lead to ingrown hair! 

Safety razors on the other hand use just one blade. That means no tugging or pulling and the hair is cut at the surface of the skin. End result - NO INGROWN HAIR! 

Besides with a cartridge razor, you run multiple blades across your skin compared to just one with a safety razor. Another reason why cartridge razors are more likely to leave your face irritated and full of razor burns compared to safety razors.


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2 - Lesser environmental impact:

On average plastic takes around 1000 years to decompose - let that number sink in.

So every single cartridge razor head or handle thrown away is going to hang around for a VERY long time as plastic waste in an ocean or landfill. DE shaving on the other hand uses very little plastic if at all. Apart from your shaving soap / DE blade container, DE shaving involves NO PLASTIC. You heard that right! 


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3 - $avings

Cartridge razors involve little or no initial investment. You can generally get your first cartridge head and handle for 10 EUROS or less. But we all know how these costs escalate everytime you buy cartridge refills!

DE shaving on the other hand involves a relatively larger initial investment but MUCH LESSER recurring costs. The cost of cartridge blade refills from well known brands is upwards of 2.50 EURO per blade while a single DE blade on average costs 0.10 to 0.20 EURO. A single DE blade lasts 4 to 8 shaves, dramatically reducing the cost per shave!


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4 - Calming ritual

DE shaving is an art that can be learned and mastered after just a bunch of shaves. Each safety razor and blade has it's own characteristics and subtle variations needed to get great shaves out of different combinations gives a calming charater to DE shaving. It's a ritual you'll get hooked on to and look forward to everytime.


 5 - Cool gear

DE shaving gear is inherently cooler than catridge razors. All-metal shaving razors, shaving brushes with eye-catching handles, great smelling shaving soaps and after-shaves are something you will look forward to every time and will get positive comments from friends and family!


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