Types of safety razors


We've receive some questions over the past weeks from customers about the different types of safety razors out there and whether different razors give different kinds of shaves. That's a great question, so we decided to make a blog post out of it!

Razor aggressiveness is an oft repeated term that depends a bunch of factors like - 

  • Blade gap - distance between the blade and safety bar / comb
  • Blade exposure - the amount of blade exposed beyond the tangent created by the head cap to the safety bar / comb
  • The user - the angle at which you hold the razor / the pressure you apply while using it
  • Weight distribution - whether the razor is head / handle heavy or the weight is evenly distributed

A more 'aggressive' razor generally gives a more efficient shave. You're better advised using an aggressive razor + blade combination if you have a hard beard or many days of growth and a mild combination otherwise.

At Gladiator Grooming, we've stocked a carefully assorted bunch of safety razors in our catalog, rather than throwing the kitchen sink at you -

  • Edwin Jagger DE89 / Muhle R89 - Positively the most sold safety razors on the planet. They share an extremely similar head geometry that gives a very forgiving yet efficient shave.
  • Parker 24C - The Parker open comb tosses the general opinion that open comb razors are aggressive out of the window. It has a very well thought out head geometry that compared to the Edwin Jagger and Muhle, gives a relatively more efficient efficient shave. 
  • Rockwell 6C - The Rockwell 6C is a truly revolutionary semi-adjustable safety razor that gives you different levels of shave efficient depending on the base-plate that you use. The shave gets more efficient as you move up from plate 1 to 6.

Click the below image to access our catalog of safety razors.

A common thread in all these safety razors though is that when paired with a good blade, they're all going to give you smooth irritation-free shaves! 
We've assembled a blade sampler pack for you that contains some of the most reliable and efficient blades on the planet. Click the below image to checkout our blade sampler pack.


Good technique, a great razor and a matching blade are not the only components of a good shave. A shaving soap/cream that builds a creamy stubble-softening lather, a shaving brush that helps build great lather / lifts your stubble and a quality aftershave product that hydrates your skin all work together to give you a great shaves. At the end of the day, a good shaving kit is more than the sum of its parts! 
Click the below image to checkout the awesome shaving kits in our catalog! 

Until later!


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