Proraso Beard kit - refreshing

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Proraso Beard kit - refreshing

The refreshing range from Proraso contains eucalyptus, bergamot and rosemary essential oils that nourish the skin and leave behind a fresh and cooling sensation.


Beard shampoo

The Proraso beard shampoo is rich and creamy with conditioning action. The low-foam formula conditions the skin, removes impurities and softens even the hardest of beards.

Contents 200ml.


Beard balm

The Proraso beard balm hydrates the skin and helps maintain tone and elasticity. It is recommended for use during the first few weeks of facial hair growth, it reduces itchiness, softens the beard and refreshes the skin.

Contents 100ml.


Beard oil

The Proraso beard oil formula is developed using macadamia nut and avocado oil. It softens and protects the beard from dryness and external factors, with deep penetration to lend body and nutrition to the hair.

Contents 30ml.


Made in Italy


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€ 47,85 € 43,95

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