Classic Italian Shaving kit

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Classic Italian Shaving kit




(1) Proraso shaving Brush - Boar Bristle


This sterilized boar bristle shaving brush is hand made by Omega, in Bologna Italy and offers incredible value for it's price! An excellent brush for a newbie or veteran law shaver alike, its loft diameter & height are excellent for both face and bowl lathering. 

 Loft height: 55mm (approximate)

Loft diameter: 26mm (approximate)

Made in Italy


(2) 3p shaving soap


3p shaving soap is a vegetal shaving soap with fine almond / marzipan gragrance. Suitable for all skin types, it follows in the long line of fine Italian shaving soaps whose recipe has been passed down the generations. Enriched with glycerin and aloe vera juice, it makes for shave and a great post shave feel.



Contents 150ml

Made in Italy


(3) 3p pre shave cream


The 3p shaving soap is a classic pre and post shave product that complements the 3p shaving soap. It is not only excellent as a pre-shave cream, ensuring that your beard is adequately softened but also an excellent post shave product that soothes and hydrates your skin after the shave. 



Contents 100ml

Made in Italy

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