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Omega Shaving Boar Brush & Shaving Cream Bowl

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Omega Shaving Boar Brush & Shaving Cream Bowl

This shaving set includes a 150 ml shaving soap bowl and a shaving brush fitted with boar hair. The handle is red plastic and a black stand is included. 

The shaving soap contains coconut oil and eucalyptus that gives off a pleasant smell and helps to soothe and cool the skin as well as heal cuts and nicks. The soap creates a nice creamy lather that moisturises the skin. 

The brush is easy to use, inexpensive and ideal as a first brush. It sports a red, plastic handle and natural boar hair. It has a 59 mm loft, 27 mm knot and a total height of 123 mm. An effective shaving brush!

Made in Italy.

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