Baili stepless adjustable razor

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Baili stepless adjustable razor


Baili, under its sub brand Weidi, have manufactured a brand new stepless adjustable razor. Just twist the knob at the bottom of the razor, pop the blade in, tighten the knob and you're ready to go!


To adjust the shave quality, twist the knob just below the razor head - to the left of the red dot for a mild shave and to the right for an aggressive shave. 


The razor head has a very intuitive angle that isn't hard to master and weight of ~97gms which let's the razor do all the work!  


The range of aggressiveness is just right at all settings- not too mild at its lowest and not too aggressive at the highest. And since its a stepless adjustable, you can adjust the shave aggressiveness to what's just right for you! The razor comes with 10 free Baili DE blades. 


All in all this razor offers unmatched value at its price point!


Country of origin: China

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