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Parker 24C safety razor

€ 27,95 (including VAT 21%)
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Parker 24C safety razor - Open Comb

Parker knows a thing or two about manufacturing quality safety razors, after all they've been doing this since 1973! The Parker 24C safety razor employs an excellent efficient open comb head that will give you a great shave with minimal effort. Being an open comb, it needs a slightly different shaving angle compared to closed comb heads. But the technique is trivial to master and once you have it nailed down, this is sure to become one of your favorite razors!

The 24C comes with an excellent long knurled handle that ensures a great grip during your shave. At 93 grams, the handle is heavy enough to let the weight of the razor do the work for you while shaving.


Length Total: 105 mm 
Length Handle: 81 mm
Weight: 93 grams

Made in India


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