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Tuxedo shaving brush

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Tuxedo shaving brush

The Tuxedo shaving brush with dimensions of 26 * 54mm and soft tips is an excellent choice for face latherers! Overall the tips of this brush are only slightly less soft than our Plisson shaving brush, resulting in a pleasant massage-like feel during lathering.

Gladiator Grooming synthetic shaving brushes

At Gladiator Grooming, our aim is to give you the best shaving experience without breaking the bank. To that end we present our custom line of shaving brushes. After a great deal of testing, we've chosen a bunch of great knots that offer awesome performance and exellent value for money.

Synthetics shaving brushes have gained immense popularity over the past few years due to many inherent advantages:

  • Animal friendly
  • No animal funk
  • No break-in period 
  • Very short drying time, hence a great choice if you travel a lot
  • They do not absorb product, so you use less shaving cream / soap to create a rich lather
  • They can whip up a ton of lather in no time
  • Uber soft tips
  • Do not cost a fortune
  • Modern synthetic bristles last a long, long time

We've managed to source synthetic shaving brushes that offer all of these advantages and more. 


Access the full catalog of Gladiator Grooming shaving brushes  HERE



Brush dimenstions approximate

Country of origin: China

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