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Finest badger shaving brush

€ 49,95 € 39,95 (including VAT 21%)
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Finest badger shaving brush (26*57 mm)


Finest badger shaving brushes have acquired a great reputation in the wet shaving world due to the various advantages that they offer - 

  • Less expensive than silvertip badger brushes
  • Almost no break in period
  • Whip up a ton or lather in no time
  • Luxurious face feel (The 'wall of badger'  sensation)
  • Very soft tips with a gentle massaging face-feel
  • That badger bloom!

While the prices of badger shaving brushes offered by competitors sky rocket,  we've managed to cut out the middle man and offer our brushes at an excellent price point!  You'll be hard pressed to find any other vendor in the EU that offers a finest badger knot of equivalent quality and size at a better price. Competitors sell badger brushes with equivalent knots for 100s of EUROs!

Available knot sizes: 26 * 54 and 26 * 57

The 54mm has relatively more backbone and the 57mm has more splay. They offer all the advantages of badger brushes and are an absolute steal at € 49.95 a piece (incl VAT, ex-shipping). You'll be hard pressed to find a finest badger shaving brush of equivalent size and quality at this price point in the EU!


Our finest badger shaving brushes come with nearly no animal funk. So you won't have to spend any effort in defunking it like badger brushes from other brands.


Access the full catalog of Gladiator Grooming shaving brushes  HERE


 Brush dimenstions approximate

Country of origin: China

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