Horse hair shaving brush (24*54mm)

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Horse hair shaving brush - 24*54mm fan knot


At Gladiator Grooming, we're committed to offering our customers great bang-for-the-buck grooming products. To that end we offer two fan-type horse hair shaving brushes - a 24*50mm knot and a 24*54mm knot. The latter obviously has more splay.

Owing to the soft nature of the knots and barbershop resin handles, these brushes are most suited for bowl lathering. Also horse hair absorbs a lot of water, so you don't need to pre-soak these brushes like you would do with boar brushes. Just soak the brush in warm water for a few seconds, shake out the excess water, lather your favourite shaving soap and you'll have a rich lather in no time!


These brushes are animal-cruelty free. Horse hair is harvested by cutting the mane / tail hair with scissors, which is a normal part of the grooming process for horses. Our brushes have a ratio of 50/50 mane/tail hair.


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Brush dimenstions approximate

Country of origin: China

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