Shaving soap sampler set

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Shaving soap sampler set


We've assembled a great shaving soap sampler set with 9 high quality Italian shaving soaps/creams. You get ~ 7.5ml of each soap/cream, hygienically packed in individual aluminium foil wraps and placed in individual slots of a plastic storage box.

Each sample should last you between 5 & 10 shaves (or maybe more!) and is a great way to try out a product before you buy the full size item.

Italy has a great tradition in classic shaving, which is why we've assembled this  shaving soap sampler set entirey of high quality Italian shaving soaps/creams that are loved by wet shavers across the globe.


We offer the following products in this set:


Mondial luxury shaving cream - Mandarino and Spezie

The Mondial semi-hard shaving cream with mandarin and spices, including cinnamon and pepper, makes for a delicious fragrance pyramid. It's unique fragrance exudes energy, passion and vitality and makes for a great shaving experience.

Mondial luxury shaving cream - Sandalo

Mondial luxury shaving cream - Sandalo, has a woody and persistent sandalwood fragrance. The olfactory stimuli coming from sandalwood are known to alleviate physical tensions and help fight depression and apathy.

Mondial luxury shaving cream - Zagara

The Mondial Zagara shaving cream is a real elixir of pleasure. Extracted from orange and lemon flowers, it is a thick and lively fragrance, a mature and balanced petit grain brought into harmony with the euphoriant charm of jasmine flowers and a with a small note of precious roses.

Mondial luxury shaving cream - Tabacco Verde

The Mondian tabacco verde shaving cream contains a fragrance extracted from fermented tobacco leaves. It conveys a sense of warmth, strength and energy. The aroma of green tobacco has a masculine and sensual nature coming from a particularly woody and wild fragrance combination.

Mondial luxury shaving cream - Mandorla

The Mondial mandorla shaving cream has a classic nutty almond fragrance that gives it a distinctly Italian character. The shaving cream generates a soft and velvety lather and the almond imparts a soft and soothing sensation to the skin.

Mondial luxury shaving cream - Bergamotto Neroli

The Mondial bergamotto neroli shaving soap fragrance is obtained from the essential oils that are pressed out of unripe citrus fruits. It has a distinct citrussy aroma that has an instant energizing and revitalizing effect.

Cella Milano shaving soap

This shaving soap contains a carefully measured blend of almond and coconut oils that provide abundant levels of glide and lubrication during your shave. The Cella Milano shaving soap finds itself at the top of the favourites' list of many wet shavers and a benchmark to which every other shaving soap is compared.

3P shaving soap

3p shaving soap is a vegetal shaving soap with fine almond / marzipan gragrance. Suitable for all skin types, it follows in the long line of fine Italian shaving soaps whose recipe has been passed down the generations. Enriched with glycerin and aloe vera juice, it makes for shave and a great post shave feel.

Proraso Shaving Soap for Sensitive Skin

This shaving soap has fresh notes and lime with a hint of menthol. A formula that combines Green Tea and Oatmeal makes it suitable for sensitive skin. It provides a rich, creamy lather and is best used with a shaving brush.



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